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If you find yourself locked out of your inbox, the easy job of checking your email can be a large issue. If you Recover Forgotten AOL Email Password information or AOL email password, you might have run into this situation. Fortunately, the situation is not hopeless. AOL provides a easy solution for resetting an AOL password. If you already have access to another email account or have your smartphone handy, you can do this.

Here are Steps to Recover Forgotten AOL Email Password Online

  • If you forgot AOL email password for login then you can press on the “Password forgotten?” “Button on the sign-in page at the bottom of the login dialog box.
  • This will start the request for resetting passwords.
  • Either your email address or your AOL username must be entered there.
  • Note that you need to remember at least one of these, because if you don’t remember your AOL username or at least your AOL email address, you can’t change your password.
  • Once you have filled them in, the code displayed in the CAPTCHA field will need to be entered. Once finished, press on the “Next” button.
  • Reset Your AOL Password You have two options on the next page: you can reset your password using your phone, or you can use a different email address.
  • If you choose to reset your password via your mobile phone, press the “Text My Mobile” connection and enter your complete phone number, then click “Send.” A website will appear called “Verify this is your account.” Do not near it until you get the code and enter it on the site of your mobile phone.
  • If you use a separate email address to reset your password, the alternative email address should already appear on your AOL profile. Just press the “Alternate Email Address” connection, then select “Next,” then “Close.”

Recover Forgotten AOL Email Password

Using Your Mobile

You will receive a five-digit code from AOL on your phone once you have chosen the option to have your number text. Type it in the website box that checks whether your account is yours. You can then press “Submit” and enter the resulting input box twice in your fresh password. You should press “Next” once you’ve finished, and you’ll be taken to your email account.

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If you’ve chosen to go the alternative email path, open the email you’ve used and check for an AOL message. You should press on the “Yes, I want to reset my password” option. A web page of resetting will be opened where you will enter your fresh password twice and press “Next.”