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How to Create Email Signature in Yahoo Mail?

Create Email Signature on Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is the most popular email service for users. Many users prefer to use the yahoo mail account for daily use. You can use it anywhere according to your needs. Users use yahoo mail accounts for personal, and professional use. It offers great features to use. If users want to Create Email Signature in Yahoo Mail in their account. For that users search the easy-to-use methods for creating it easily. In this blog, we define the simple steps to do that. You need to read the entire blog without skipping any sections.

Create Email Signature in Yahoo Mail

Why Use Email Signature

An email signature is an opportunity to make an impression. It can serve as a branding tool as it communicates to the email recipient certain information about yourself without having them enquire about it.

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Let’s Apply the Methods for Create Email Signature in Yahoo Mail :

There are two options for creating an email signature in Yahoo Mail:

First Method: Manually Create Signature in Yahoo In App Signature Editor 

Yahoo Mail offers an in-app signature editor. With the editor, you can add details of your name, role/profession, phone number, e-mail address, and social media links to your signature. 

Here’s how it works.
  • Users go to your email page on Yahoo
  • On the right side of your email page, enter Settings.
  • Go to the Settings tray, enter More Settings with three dots option
  • A new window should appear with more settings options.
  • Enter email Writing.
  • Scroll Down to the Signature field with an empty box. 
  • Users can write text your name and occupation in the empty box.
  • To change the font type size, highlight the text in the Signature Editor
  • Select the AA icon representing Font.
  • Users make sure to pay attention to the window showing Signature Preview on
  • To change the font color, highlight the text to be edited, and choose the three multicolored circles in the Signature editor.
  • Users can change the text color and highlight the text.
  • To add a link, highlight the text that will act as a hyperlink and select the Link icon in the Signature editor option. 
  • You need to paste and type the link to add. 
  • Users can select to test the connection (check if it’s functional) and save it.
  • All the edits are done, and users make sure the Signature activation key is activated with their email address. 
  • Check if not enabled, your outgoing mail will be Unsigned.
Method Second: Create Signature with Email Signature Generator :

One downside to using the Yahoo in-application signature editor is the inability to add images. The editor does not allow flexibility if designing the signature. An alternative would be to use an email signature generator WiseStamp, which provides a free email signature.

Check the methods : 

Stage 1: Visit the WiseStamp website.

  • Choose your user type as Individual Organization.
  • Users will be redirected to a page to fill in their Signature Details Upload Photos.
  • Choose the Social tab to add the details of your social profiles.
  • Users need to select the Template tab to change the layout of the text in their signature.
  • Check the Call to Action, Quotes, Digital Signature
  • Choose the Applications to add additional items.
  • Users will be asked to create a free account on the website.
  • Creating an account, users will be asked to select the email provider with which they will use their new Signature.
  • Choose the Continue option
  • The final step is to download the app’s Chrome extension, the signature should come automatically you draft an outgoing email.
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