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How To Fix BSOD Error 0xc000021a For Windows 8 & 10?

Fix BSOD Error 0xc000021a

It had quite a few bugs when Windows 10 was released, one of which caused a blue death screen showing the Fix BSOD Error 0xc000021a at the bottom of the screen. The error says your PC has been running into an issue and needs to restart. You can’t boot your machine to the Windows 10 desktop every time you restart your machine. A complete system restores sometimes doesn’t solve this problem. The Error 0xc000021a usually appears after upgrading from a previous version of Microsoft Windows or after running a repair installation on a Microsoft Windows 10 machine.

Steps to Fix BSOD Error 0xc000021a On Windows 10

Method 1: Manual boot computer

Step 1- Right-click the Start button at the desktop’s lower – left the corner. Select the item “Shut or sign out” and select “Restart” from the submenu. You can click “Repair your computer” to continue following steps if you have bootable Windows 10 DVD or USB drive.

Step 2- Wait a while; on the screen, you will see several options. To enter the next screen in which you can see “Advanced option,” select “Troubleshoot.” Click on “Options Advanced.”

Step 3- A few options are now available on the screen and you need to click “Start Settings.” There are a lot of options listed on the startup screen. Search and click “Disable enforcement of the driver’s signature.” If you want to boot to secure mode, select “Safe networking mode.”

Method 2: To fix system file errors, run sfc/scannow

Some system files get damaged or corrupted all the time, resulting in a mess and system failure in the end. Windows provides a free tool for users to check and repair system files that are missing or damaged. This tool can be used to check the system file issue and fix the stop error.

Step 1- Open the prompt of elevated command. Right – click the start button and from the start menu click Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 2– In Command Prompt type sfc/scannow and press Enter key. Do not close the window until completion of the process. If no error is reported or left unresolved, you should proceed to the next solution.

Fix BSOD Error 0xc000021a

Method 3: Reset Windows 10

Windows reset will delete from an operating system all installed software and user accounts and reinstall a fresh Windows.

Step 1- You need to prepare a DVD or USB system installation and boot the computer with it to reset Windows. Then click to locate the troubleshoot option “Repair your computer.” Select “Restore this PC” next.

You can reset Windows without installing DVD or USB if the computer can boot to system. Start the computer and click the Start button to navigate to Settings. Select “Recovery & Update.” On the left pane, click “Recovery” and you will see three options: “Reset this PC,” “Return to an earlier build” and “Advanced startup.” Under “Reset this PC,” click “Start” button.

fix error code 0xc000021a

Step 2- Based on your condition, click either “Keep my files” or “Remove everything.” Both options will delete all applications that have been installed and turn default settings.

Step 3- Depending on your situation, select “Just remove my files” or “Remove files and clean the drive.” It takes longer to clean the hard drive and permanently erases data after which lost files cannot be recovered. Choose “Just remove my files” if you don’t want to permanently remove data.

fix error code 0xc000021a

Step 4- Click on the Warning screen “Next,” and when prompted, click on “Reset.” When the process is complete, click “Continue.”

Fix 0xc000021a on Windows 8 and 8.1

Method 1: Clean boot and disable Windows service in safe mode

Step 1- Click on the Automatic Repair screen for “Advanced options.” If Windows 8 or 8.1 fails to boot properly, after starting the computer, it will lead you to the “Automatic Repair” screen.

Step 2- Select “Start Settings” and on the next screen click the Restart button. Select “Enable safe networking mode.” Computer boots successfully to Safe Mode.

Step 3- Open the window “Configuration of the system.” Click Windows Key + R and in Run type “msconfig” and click OK.

Step 4- Click on the tab “Service.” Select “Hide all services from Microsoft” and other services before clicking on the “Disable All” button and “Apply” button.

fix error code 0xc000021a

Step 5- In the System Configuration window, click the “Startup” tab and click the “Open Task Manager” link. Deactivate all items one by one. Select an item and click the “Disable” button to disable all items one after the other. Close the configuration window of the system and restart the computer.

If a computer can boot without any problems after the above operations, this means that certain startup programs or services have not worked and caused the 0xc000021a stop error. Then you can enable those programs or services that you think are ok and restart the computer again, and you can find out which one leads to the error.

If your computer does not display “Automatic Repair” when it does not boot, the following guide may be used:

1) Boot a Windows 8 or 8.1 CD / DVD / USB computer and, when the screen appears, click the “Next” button.

2) Click Repair ->Troubleshoot – > Options Advanced – > Prompt command

3) Enter the command prompt and hit Enter. Type “bcdedit / set { default } bootmenupolicy legacy.” You can then remove the bootable CD / DVD / USB and restart the computer.

4) You need to keep pressing the F8 key repeatedly while rebooting your computer until you see the Advanced Boot Options screen. From the list, select Safe Mode.

fix error code 0xc000021a

Method 2: Undo the updates pending

BSOD 0xc000021a error is often ultimately associated with a failed update that stops a system from booting normally. You may be asked to reboot the computer and revert the update, but if the computer can not boot, this may not be feasible for your case. However, in the recovery environment, you can stop these activities and troubleshoot the error.

Step 1- Open Command Prompt to follow the previous method steps.

Step 2- In Command Prompt and press Enter, type “dism.exe/image:C:\/Cleanup-image/revertpendingactions.” Note: C is a system partition in the command, so you need to replace C with your system partition drive letter.

Method 3: Run the command DISM

Step 1- With Command Prompt, boot to safe mode following steps in Method 1.

Step 2- Type “Dism / Image: C:\/Cleanup / Reversion” in Prompt command and press Enter. C is the partition drive letter that installs Windows 8 or 8.1.

Step 3- You can also run “cd C:\Windows\WinSxS” and “pending.xml pending.old” commands. If a pending.xml is created, this will work. If these methods remain unsuccessful, try sfc / scannow to fix system errors or reset or restore the entire system.

Fix 0xc000021a on Windows7 and Vista

Method 1: Try Repairing the startup

Original Windows 7 or Vista installation DVD features a startup repair function that can help fix the 0xC000021a error.

Step 1– Boot the DVD installation computer and click on the welcome screen to “Repair your computer.”

Step 2– Choose your OS and click on “Next.”

Step 3– Click in the “System Recovery Options” window on the “Startup Repair” link. Wait for the completion of the process.

Step 4- When you receive promptly, restart the computer.

Method 2: Last well – known configuration

Step 1- Reboot or shut down the computer and then press the power button to reboot the computer.

Step 2- Before the Windows logo appears, keep pressing F8 repeatedly. Some laptops need to hold down the Fn key while repeatedly tapping F8.

Step 3- Using arrow keys, select “Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)” from the list when system boots into “Advanced Boot Options” menu. Then click Enter.

fix error code 0xc000021a

Method 3: Disable services that are misconfigured

It is possible that 0xc000021a is related to some software or driver that has been configured to start when starting Windows. In msconfig (System Configuration), it is, therefore, necessary to disable such services and software.

Step 1- Start a system. If it is not possible for your computer to boot to system, boot to Safe Mode with DVD or USB bootable.

Step 2- Click the Start button in the search box and type “msconfig.” Touch Enter.

Step 3- The window for system configuration appears. Click the “Start” tab to deactivate all the services listed. Click the OK button.

If the computer returns normally after changes have been applied, one of the services that have just been disabled must be the cause of the stop error. To determine which service causes the error, start a computer and enable one-by-one system configuration services and restart the computer until the actual reason is discovered. Windows 7 users may also try to restore the system, uninstall previously installed software or virus scanning, driver. If you need to try to restore your system, don’t forget to restore important system partition backups before you restore a system.

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Recover Lost Data Caused by Error 0xc000021a

There is no denying that due to unexpected system shutdown download, many cases of data loss occur. In addition, inappropriate actions to fix system problem may cause additional damage to valuable data. Before performing a system restore, reset or reformat the hard drive, it is highly recommended to make a complete backup. If a backup is not available or files are lost, go to the hard drive recovery software to rescue lost data. The free data recovery software Eassos Recovery Free is capable of recovering lost data due to formatting, deletion, failure of hard drives, system crash, partition corruption, etc.

Step 1- Install Eassos Recovery Free and start it.

Step 2- Select recovery mode based on the loss of files.

Step 3- To start the scanning process, select the drive or partition where lost files and folders are located and click “Next.”

Step 4- When scanning files, you can preview files to check the quality of the file. Files are categorized as “Directory” and “File Type.”

Step 5- If you have listed files that you want to recover, you can stop the scanning process. To save them to a secure location, select these files and click “Recover.”

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