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How to Fix Bungie Error Code Baboon?

Fix Bungie Error Code Baboon

Since Destiny requires constant server connection, the dreaded Baboon Error Code may have been encountered.

This frustrating error code can kick you out of the game all the time. Depending on Bungie:

“This error may be due to the loss of packets or disconnections between your home network and Bungie (such as ISP saturation or overall congestion on the Internet). Some WiFi settings or mobile hotspots that may have experienced blip or loss of connection can even cause it.”

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For this problem, we’ve collected some possible fixes below.

5 Baboon Error Code Fixes

Solution #1 (Wired Connection)

If you play wirelessly, try to switch to wired connection. This is important to test because you want to rule out the strength stability of the WiFi signal as possible source of server problems.

Solution #2 (Force Restart)

Try to force Destiny to close the game before restarting it.

How to force quit Destiny

PlayStation 3

1. Press down the PS button.

2. Choose “Quit Game”.

3. Choose “Yes”.

Xbox One

1. In the game or app, press the Xbox button.

2. Confirm that the large application tile is highlighted, after which select the Menu button.

3. Select “Quit”.

PlayStation 4

1. Hold down the PS button.

2. Choose “Close Application”.3. Choose “Yes”.

Xbox 360

1. Press the Xbox Guide button.

2. Press the Y button to go back to the dashboard

If you have computer problems, Advanced SystemCare may be worth trying (click to learn more). CNET describes it as a “PC utility’s Swiss Army Knife.” Once you download it, you get a suite of optimization tools, including a uninstaller, fixes to the registry with one click, defragmenters and more.

Solution #3 (YouTube Fix)

Solution #4 (Network Troubleshooting)

Consult the Bungie Network Troubleshooting Guide.

The Network Troubleshooting Guide was developed to help gamers go through the suggested steps for server and network connectivity problems that could affect their ability to play Destiny.

It also contains information and tips for gamers who want to improve their network connection and server performance while playing Destiny.

Multiple Disconnects From The Baboon Error Code

If you have the same error code, for example, Baboon several times, it suggests that a gamer is likely to have only one underlying problem.

The reason for the disconnections may be something like corrupted data in the installation of the destiny or a source of instability in the network setup of the gamer.

According to the Network Troubleshooting Guide, players who receive multiple disconnections from Destiny with the exact same error codes may want to try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Shutting down and restarting the Destiny program
  2. Restarting as well as clearing the cache
  3. If the gamer uses a wireless Internet connection, move to a wired connection
  4. Search the Destiny Help Knowledge Base for the associated error page and use other troubleshooting guidelines
  5. Looking through the Troubleshooting Guide
  6. Search or post in the Help Forums where Destiny Player Support, Mentors and volunteers from the community can provide additional support

Solution #5 (The Worst Option)

In our research, if the above fixes did not work, there does not seem to be a true, specified solution to the problem. In fact, many players speculate it’s a problem at the end of Bungie.

This has led to a great deal of frustration with the Baboon error code. One player with an IT background wrote about his problem-shooting process in the Bungie Forums.

He says the only computer games that kick him off are Destiny / Destiny 2. Video games like Assassins Creed, Battlefront, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, and others, just the Destiny Games, are not booting him.

He listed out some facts of his situation:

  • He has a speed of 110 megabytes per second download and 8 megabytes per second upload.
  • Speed tests on his Xbox One always report 75-100 megabytes per second, with a ping of less than 100 ms, and a loss of 0 percent of the packet.
  • He has a new gaming router for Netgear Nighthawk with a DOCSYS 3 modem.
  • He has seen two different Xbox Ones boot wirelessly and with hard-wired connections. This showed him that there’s nothing to disrupt the WiFi.

He’s kicked off the way he’s gone, usually with the Baboon error code, on average every 10 minutes. He says the game is essentially unplayable.

He says he has observed that it appears that it usually happens in a crowded place or when the game is loaded into a mission or area.

This led him to believe that the error was not on the player’s side, but on the side of Bungie. Furthermore, his ISP has no idea what to do to help-they report that his router and modem look great and receive a powerful and clean signal.

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