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How to fix destiny 2 error code bee ?


The bee fate 2 error code is one of the most notorious fate error codes and has long bugged users. The official statement from Bungie is that the error code is caused by a faulty communication between your modem and the servers of the Bungie, but most people claim their network settings are almost perfect.

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The error can be handled in a variety of ways and you never know what the real solution is. For this reason, we recommend that you follow all of the above solutions to see what the real solution for your Bee error code is.

Solution 1: Change the Way Your Are Connecting to the Internet

Most users already know that playing wireless is unsafe and can lead to high latency and frequent disconnections. Some users have reported, however, that it is sometimes the other way around when they switch from direct connection to the modem to Wi-Fi.

This means that the error code can appear due to a faulty modem or router connection. If you used the Ethernet connection, try to switch to Wi-Fi and run the game to check whether the error code still appears. These two options can help you to get rid of the Bee error code.

Note: If you are in a position, you can also try to replace your router if you have a spare router, as some routers do not allow Destiny to properly connect due to the large number of ports used.

Solution 2: Restart and Unplug Your Console Completely

This solution has helped a number of people deal with their Bee error code and this solution is a very general way to fix almost all Xbox-related problems. This method can of course only be used for users who play Destiny on Xbox.

However, make sure all your games are synchronized online and backed up, as this process can eventually delete them from your local Xbox One memory. There are two ways to remove the Xbox One cache and completely reset the console:

  1. Press and hold the power button at the front of the Xbox console until it shuts down completely.
  2. Disconnect the power brick from the Xbox back. Press and hold the power button on the Xbox several times to ensure that there is no power left and that the cache is actually cleaned.
  1. Plug in the power brick and wait for the light located on the power brick to change its color from white to orange.
  2. Turn the Xbox as usual and check if the Tapir error code still appears when you start Destiny or Destiny 2.

Alternative for Xbox One:

  1. Navigate to Xbox One and click Network > > Advanced Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the option Alternate Mac Address and select the option Clear that appears.
  1. You will be asked to make a real choice because your console will be restarted. Answer affirmatively and clear your cache. After the console has restarted, open Destiny or Destiny 2 and check whether the Tapir error code still appears.

If you are playing Destiny with a PlayStation 4, be sure to follow the instructions below to reset your PlayStation 4 hard, since PS4 has no option to clear the cache:

  1. Completely turn off the PlayStation 4.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the back of the console once the console is completely shut down.
  1. Let the console stay unplugged for at least a couple of minutes.
  2. Plug the power cord back into the PS4 and turn it as usual.

Solution 3: Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is actually a great solution for these types of problems because Destiny uses rather strange router ports that are quite high and some routers block these ports by default and some do not. It is important to carry out these changes very carefully, because if you have the necessary permissions, you will need to open these ports on your router. Carefully follow the following instructions and get rid of your Bee error code:

First of all, for the router you are currently using, we will need to manually assign a static IP address to your console and the process is somewhat different from PS4 than on Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 Users:

  1. You can try to assign your PS4 permanently to the IP address it currently uses. Power up your PS4 console to find the IP address.
  2. In the PlayStation 4 main menu select Settings >> Network >> View Connection Status.
  1. Locate the IP address on the screen that opens and ensure that you write it somewhere, as it is necessary to enable port forwarding. Make sure you write down your PS4 MAC address as well.

Xbox One Users:

You can try to assign your Xbox One permanently to the IP address it currently uses. The current IP address can be found in the Xbox One Dashboard menu under advanced settings. Power up your Xbox One to find the IP address.

  1. Navigate to the home screen and push the menu button on the controller of your Xbox one.
  2. Navigate to Settings >> Network >> Advanced Settings.
  1. You should see the IP address listed in the IP settings section. Write this number down because the IP address must be assigned later.
  2. You should also see the Wired MAC address or Wireless MAC address listed in the IP settings. Write down the 12-digit address for your connection.

This was the first step in which we gathered information about the consoles. We will now have to assign the consoles static IP addresses by following the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser, type in the address bar of the default gateway number (IP address) and press Enter.
  2. To access the interface of your router, enter your username and password. The default username and password should be listed in the documentation of your router, on the router sticker or on the website of Port Forward. If the defaults have changed the username and password and you don’t remember them, you will have to reset the router.
  1. The screen for adding new IP addresses differs from router to router and there are no general rules.
  2. Find the Enable Manual Assignment option first and click on the radio button next to Yes. The option name may be different or there may be no option.
  3. Locate the window that allows you to enter the MAC address and IP address of your choice so that you type the addresses you have collected for your console in the previous steps.
  1. Click on the Add option and you’ve added the IP address of your console to your router.

The last step is to actually forward the ports used by Destiny via your router and console to get the game back to work properly. Once again, these settings can vary from router to router, but the basis is the same. If you have problems following these settings, be sure to search for the help page of the manufacturer of your router to explain these settings more clearly.

  1. While still logged into your router, find the Port Forwarding section. Each router is going to be a little different. For the settings section containing Port Forwarding, the common menu labels are “Port Forwarding,” “Applications,” “Gaming,” “Firewall” and “Protected Setup.” If you don’t see one or something similar, try “Advanced Settings” and search for a subsection for port forwarding.
  1. Regardless of the router or interface, the same basic information must be entered. Enter the port to be opened under Internal and External or enter a range of ports to be opened under Start and End. In particular, there are several ranges for Destiny and Destiny 2 that you need to open in your router and they are shown below:

7500-17899 (TCP)       Outbound

30000-40399 (TCP)     Outbound

35000-35099 (UDP)    Inbound and Outbound

  1. The abbreviations TCP and UDP are the options to be selected under the Service Type option. Since only one option (or both) can be selected, repeat these steps several times until all the above ranges have been covered.
  2. In the steps above, enter the static IP address you created for the console and click the Enable option if available.
  1. Click the Save Application button and restart your router and console to fully implement these changes.

Solution 4: Contact Your Internet Provider and Have Your Old Equipment Replaced

It turns out that the problem with this error code was caused by people who had bad equipment and who had not replaced it in years. In most cases, these people used the Internet cable to play the game and it turns out that the problem could be solved by simply replacing them.

If you are a cable Internet user and have not replaced your equipment for more than a few years, you may need to contact a cable company technician or simply buy and replace the equipment.

However, if you use any type of Internet connection and you begin to notice a decrease in performance, make sure you contact your Internet provider and make sure that you do everything you need before checking whether the error code continues to appear.

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