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How to fix Destiny 2 Error Code Guitar ?

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Look what Error Code Guitar is and how it can be fixed in Destiny 2: Failed.

In Destiny 2: Forsaken, players will occasionally receive error codes, with the latest one to fix being Error Code Guitar. If you’re in the Destiny 2 players cluster that got Error Code Guitar and wonder what it is and how to fix it, you’ve come to the right place.

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Below, we’ve compiled a quick guide on what Error Code Guitar is and how to fix it in Destiny 2: Failed.

How to Fix Error Code Guitar in Destiny 2: Forsaken

In Destiny 2: Failed, the “guitar” error code refers to a general error in networking. The problem, therefore, is not at your end, but at the end of Bungie. When something like this happens, waiting for Bungie to fix the problem internally is advisable. To track the status of Destiny 2: Failed, be sure to follow BungieHelp on Twitter, refer to the subreddit Destiny 2 and check the down detector for Destiny 2.

Alternatively, by visiting the Bungie Networking Troubleshooting Guide, you can use this downtime to ensure the stability of your own connection. There are several walkthroughs for common networking problems, including how to improve WiFi connections, how to fix disconnections and delays, and solutions to overall matchmaking problems.

You can also perform basic troubleshooting steps, such as the basic method of “turn it off and back on,” and check whether everything is up to date or not. For example, if you don’t play the latest Destiny 2 version or forgot to download an update for your console, you may want to install it and restart the game.

It can be a real pain dealing with error codes in Destiny 2, especially those that are out of your control, such as Error Code Guitar. As long as your game and console are up to date, and with tools like Bungie’s Networking Troubleshooting Guide, you have ensured the stability of your network connection, the best thing to do is wait until Bungie fixes things at their end.

Did you get other error codes in Destiny 2: Abandoned? Can you remedy any of these by yourself? In the comments below, let us know! For more information on Destiny 2: Abandoned, please check out some of our previous guides, including how to fix Error Code PONY in Destiny 2: Abandoned, where to find Toland in Destiny 2: Abandoned, and how to get a Light Charge in Destiny 2: Abandoned.

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