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How to fix directv error code 771 ?

directv error code 771

If you see error code 771, your receiver will find it difficult to communicate with your satellite dish.

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DIRECTV error code 771 during bad weather

Severe weather can sometimes interrupt the signal between the satellite and the dish. If you are experiencing heavy rain, hail or snow at the moment, wait until it passes to see if it fixes the problem. You can still enjoy live or on-demand entertainment on your laptop, tablet or cell phone while you wait.

DIRECTV Error Code 771

Learn how to fix error code 771 for DIRECTV. If you see error code 771, your DIRECTV receiver will find it difficult to communicate with your satellite dish. Watch this video to see how this error can be resolved.

Lost connection between receiver and satellite

Check receiver connections

If only some receivers are affected, check your receiver connections.

  1. Beginning with the SAT-IN (or SATELLITE IN) connection, ensure that all connections between the receiver and the wall are secure. If you have any cable adapters, check them as well.
    Shows the location of the cable coming from your dish
  2. If you have a SWiM Power Inserter attached to the DIRECTV cable, unplug it from the power outlet.
  3. Wait 15 seconds and plug it in again. Make sure that the SWiM Power Inserter is not plugged into a power outlet that can be turned off.
    shows the SWiM Power Inserter being unplugged
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Check satellite dish

If you can easily see your satellite dish, make sure the sight line from the dish to the sky is not blocked. Don’t climb the roof.
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