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How to Fix Error 924 on Android Google Play Store ?

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Yesterday, when I tried to update my few apps like whaptsapp, snapchat, instagram and facebook, I stumbled on a new error on my Android device. The message of the error code was “The app can not be updated. Try Again, and get help troubleshooting if the problem continues. (code of error: 924) I wasn’t surprised by this, as I have had many of them in the past, and I have searched for and found successful solutions.

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Most of the errors we usually face or commit are unavoidable regardless of how hard we try to prevent them. The errors have just become part of our lives, so you should never be disappointed when you face any kind of error, just try to be calm and be patient, because you can solve your problem only after that. So first try to get a grip on the current situation and look for possible solutions and don’t lose confidence until you permanently resolve your error.

The process was the same for this one too. I researched the error code 924 a little, which included the reasons and meaning of its occurrence with the methods to solve it. So, in this article, we’ll discuss ways to solve Android’s Google Play Error 924, and if you’re disturbed by it, this post will be quite useful. This one is not, unlike some other errors that were too difficult to solve. If you know why it happened, you can easily solve it.

Here’s why Error 924 occurs:

In my case, I found out that my WiFi was disabled, and since I had no network connection, the Google Play Store couldn’t download any updates from the server, so it showed that “the app can’t be updated. Try Again, and get help troubleshooting if the problem continues. (code of error: 924) message.

In addition, there may also be other reasons, such as cache problems or data in the Google Play Store. Here’s some solution to fix this error, bearing in mind the reasons.

Methods to help troubleshoot and solve error 924.

Method 1

Make sure you’re connected to the internet (WiFi, because you don’t want to update your apps using your mobile data), and it’s fast enough to download all your apps at a good speed. If your internet speed is too slow, you may get this error, even if you are connected to the internet.

Method 2

Even if checking your connection correctly solves your 924 error, you should try this one, as it avoids many other errors on Android. Follow the following steps:

  • Go to Menu >> Settings >> Applications on the device >> All selected applications.
  • Select the Google Play Store app, and then tap Clear data and Clear cache.
  • Select Download Manager and tap Clear data and Clear cache.

Method 3

If none of the above methods solve this error, the only way to round it is to reset the device in the factory, reboot the device and remove it. Unfortunately, you will lose all your data, but if you back up your apps to a sd card or cloud, it will be helpful later in the time saved. PS, if you rooted your device, you can also back up your data.

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