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How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000001 on Windows 10 ?

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Error Code 0xc0000001 – What Is It?

Some users have reported error code 0xc00001 on Windows 10 when trying to install Windows 10. If this error occurs, the setup will be on a loop and the error message will continue to appear.

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Error Causes

When you try to install Windows 10, the error code 0xc0000001 is most likely due to corrupted installation file. However, one of the following can also cause it:

  • Damaged SAM file
  • Damaged system files
  • File system integrity compromised
  • Damaged RAM 

Further Information and Manual Repair

Here are some methods that help you fix the 0xc0000001 error code while installing Windows 10. Do not carry out these methods unless you are absolutely sure you can do it correctly. If not, you could make things worse.

If you’re not so confident, consider asking a technical expert for advice. If you can’t afford one, you might want an automated software to fix the job.

Method 1: Convert drive/partition to GPT

If you need to wipe the drive manually and convert it to GPT, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Power your computer and install DVD or USB drive for Windows 10 installation

Step 2: Boot your computer to the USB or DVD key in UEFI mode.

Step 3: When you’re running Windows 10, press the Shift + F10 key. This will open the window of the command prompt.

Step 4: Open diskpart tool from CMD. Just type diskpart and enter.

Step 5: Type the CMD list again. Enter the press. This allows you to identify the drive you want to reformat your computer.

Step 6: Choose the drive and reformat it by typing the following on the command prompt:

select disk <disk number> (press enter)

clean (press enter)

convert gpt (press enter)

exit (press enter)

Step 7: Proceed with the Windows 10 Setup installation.

Note: If you are asked to select the type of installation, be sure to select Custom. Then select the space not allocated and click Next. This automatically starts Windows 10 installation.

Method 2: Use Media Creation Tool to Perform Automatic Repair

Automatic repair is a feature/utility for Windows that allows you to fix some system problems that prevent you from installing or starting Windows. It works and tries to fix any potential problem by scanning your computer system.

Step 1: Download the Media Creation Tool

Step 2: Boot your computer with Windows 10 DVD or System Repair. If you are asked to press any key to boot, press any key on the keyboard.

Step 3: Choose the right time and the keyboard type.

Step 4: Click Repair your computer. You’ll see this at the lower left corner on your screen.

Step 5: Choose Troubleshoot from Choose an option screen

Step 6: Click advanced options

Step 7: Choose automatic repair

This will automatically run the utility.

Method 3: Check Hardware Devices

Due to the connected external hard drives, another possible reason why you get this error while installing Windows 10. Power your computer to fix this. Unplug and remove all external hard drive connected. If you install Windows 10 using a USB device, make sure your BIOS boots your computer from the USB.

Method 4: Create New Copy of Windows 10 Installer

Another possible reason for this error is that your Windows 10 installer copy is corrupted. To fix this, a new copy of the Windows 10 installer should be created.

Step 1: Go to this link

Step 2: Click Download tool now. Choose Run with admin privileges

Step 3: On the What do you want to do? section, choose installation media for another PC. Click Next.

Step 4: Select edition, language, and architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).

Step 5: Select your desired media. If you want to use a USB flash drive, make sure that the device has a free space of at least 5 GB. If you use an ISO file, the file must first be saved on your computer and then burned to a DVD.

Method 5: Use a Powerful Automated Tool

If you still find these errors after the above methods have been performed, find a reliable automated tool. The automated tool will help you fix this error as long as it is powerful and reliable.

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