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How to fix Google Play Store Error 495 ?

Google Play Error Code

Among the errors that Android users get when they try to download apps or games from the Play Store via Wi-Fi is the code 495. You can solve this quickly by installing anything using mobile data, but what if you want a game that has a total size of a couple of GB? All available data can be easily completed.

Google Play Store Error 495

You should look for a Google Play Store Error 495 fix in this case. And what do you think? You’re in the right place because we’re talking about it today!

Why do I get this error?

The trigger for this app has no exact reason, but the good news is that it can be solved very easily.

How to solve Error 495 in Google Play

We found three main ways to solve the Google Play Store Error 495 after all the required research.

Method 1: Clear the Google Play cache

This is the ‘classic’ method to get rid of an error like this, as it works in most cases.

  • Go to Settings > Apps  and open the list with all of your apps
  • Look for the Google Play Store, open it and tap Data clear and cache clear
  • Go to the Apps list again and look for Google Service Framework
  • Clear Data and Clear Cache for this app as well
  • Go back to the Play Store to see if the error returns

Doesn’t work? Try the second method!

Method 2: Remove your account

  • Go to System settings > Account > Google and remove your Gmail account
  • Go to Settings > Apps > All and look for the Google Play Store.
  • Tap it and search for options to clear cache and clear data. Click on them.
  • Tap on Force Stop as well.
  • Repeat the Google Service Framework and Download Manager two previous steps
  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Google and add your Gmail account again
  • Restart your phone or tablet
  • Set up the device again, add your account and accept the terms and settings
  • To see if the Google Play Store Error 495 appears again, go back to the Play Store and try to install an app.

If this doesn’t work either, proceed to the next one.

Method 3: Install a VPN

  • Install the Hideman VPN app in the Play Store (if you’re lucky enough and it works) or directly install the.apk
  • Open the app and select the U.S. as your home country
  • Press connect
  • Open the Play Store and see whether the error continues

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The Google Play Store Error 495 should be fixed by any of these methods, according to many users who used them. What’s wrong with you? Which one of them was working? Let’s comment below!

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