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How to Fix HP Printer Error 1797?

HP Printer Error 1797

Here we will explain HP printer error 1797 by HP experts. HP Printers became a famous brand item at both offices and homes. Millions of people across the globe prefer a home printer, rather than having to go to a regular print store. These printers find many uses in our everyday lives, office-going people use it to print out their official papers and documents when youngsters use it for school projects and assignments.

Causes of HP Printer Error 1797

Needing said all of that, printers are complicated devices, made up of multiple components of hardware assembled together with some software programmed. The goal is to keep specific printing machine functionalities. Therefore, people with no technical information about the device’s functioning find it hard to solve even the simplest of problems. The error is related to driver installation failure in Windows. Let’s explore different methods for troubleshooting this error. So make sure to be careful in following instructions.

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Troubleshooting Steps to Fix HP Printer Error 1797

HP Printer Error 1797

How to Fix HP Printer 1797 Error?

If you connect your printer through either a wired USB connection or wireless communication to your computer, the Windows computer may not be able to detect it and this will not automatically install the printer driver. That’s the reason you get 1797 error on hp printer. Let is simple troubleshooting techniques to solve the problem.

  • Uninstall/Remove your printer from Devices & printers:
  • If the HP Printer is connected via USB cabled connection to your device, disconnect it and turn off the printer.
  • If you have installed your printer as default to your screen, then open Control Panel > Devices & Printer.
  • The next window shows all of the printer system mounted on your network. Right click on your HP printer name and select ‘Remove Device’ later.
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Download & Install Printer Drivers Manually:

  • Unless your Windows computer is unable to update drivers automatically, then you do not need to worry, you can do so on your own.
  • Open your web browser, and link to your region’s official HP printer website. Go to Support / Downloads from main page.
  • You need to enter your device model number in the next window, and then click submit. All drivers that are related to your printer model are listed.
  • Download all the drivers and install them on your computer on which you want your printer installed.

Install your printer:

  • Once you have all of the drivers installed for your HP printer, you can add them to your network and use them as well.
  • Attach your printer to your machine and turn it on via wired USB connection.
  • Open your computer’s control panel, and go to Computers & Printers. Click on ‘Add a New Printer Device’ on the main page. Now your computer must scan for devices nearby.
  • Select your HP printer name from the list, and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • If your computer has the option of wireless, open its menu, go to wireless connections and then pick your network name from the list. Enter your wi-fi password and you can now run your printer wireless.
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