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How To Fix HP Printer Error B809DD98?

Do you own a Photosmart HP Deskjet or HP printer? Does your printer work badly? Does this give a code or message of error – ‘ System ink Failure’ or HP Printer Error B809DD98?

Steps to Solve Error ‘ Failure of the Ink System ‘ or Error b809dd98

Usually this printer mistake happens due to corrupt registry documents, system negligence, or device malfunction. Fortunately, if you are equipped with some technical expertise, you can solve this printer issue at home.

HP Proposes Using HP Genuine ink Cartridge.

Check the amount of the printer ink. This mistake could be triggered by a cartridge of small or empty inks. Please test your printer’s ink level. We would suggest that you go through your user guide for your printer to verify your printer’s ink level.

Here Are Steps to Resolve HP Printer Error B809DD98

  • Soft power reset (Photo-smart, Inkjet, Office-jet, HP Desk-jet)
  • In this step, we’ll drain the printer’s static electricity.
  • Remove the power cable from the printer Remove from the printer the USB cable.
  • Remove the wall outlet power cable.
  • Press and hold for 30 seconds the energy button on the printer.
  • Then connect back to the printers with the power cable.
  • Connect back to a wall outlet with the power cable.
  • To turn ON the printer, use the energy button.
  • Check that you see any flashing lights.
  • Check the error message screen.

HP Printer Error B809DD98

Clean Ink Cartridge: Sometimes copper contacts in your cartridge may become contaminated with unidentified carbon as a substance that can trigger resistance between the printer and the cartridge.

  • To remove the cartridge, collect a few cleaning item Lint-free cloth Tap water Cotton swab Open the printer door.
  • Wait until the cartridge slot arrives at the station of the cartridge.
  • Open the lock of the cartridge if any.
  • Switch off the printer.
  • Remove the printer power cable.
  • Remove the printer’s USB cable.
  • Remove the slot cartridge.
  • The cotton swab was moistened. And find on the cartridge the copper contacts.
  • Clean with a swab of cotton.
  • Once cleaning has been performed.
  • Clean the connections of copper with a lint-free tissue.
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  • Wait to dry it out.Meanwhile, inside the printer, clean the copper contacts.
  • You could find it inside the cartridge slot as the manner the cartridge was positioned.
  • You can return the cartridge to the slot of the cartridge. And connect back to the printer with the power cable.
  • Switch on the printer.
  • Close the door of the cartridge.
  • Check the printer for any flashing light. If the issue persists, substitute all the cartridges with fresh real ink cartridges from HP.
  • Please ensure that the orange tab is removed from the ink cartridge.
  • Manually move the carriage and verify whether the carriage is moving readily or protruding.
  • After replacing the ink, close the ink access gate.
  • Switch on the printer.
  • And inspect the printer if the printer displays an error message or any lights that flash on the printer.

If you still face the issue, the best resort is to contact HP Technical Support Assistance and replace the printer.

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