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How to Fix HP Scanner Not Working Problem ?

HP Scanner Not Working Problem

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HP scanners can sometimes be unable to scan documents for various reasons. There may be some problems with scanner installation, connection between system  and scanner or some other technical issues causing HP Scanner Not Working Problem on your systems.

If your scanner is not working in proper way check the following faults: The scanner is not detected, or an error pops up when users are trying to connect it to your system . These problems often occur with printers and scanners. But you don’t have to fuss about the problem. As it happens quite often, we can help you fix it.

Methods For HP Scanner Not Working Problems  :

It is possible that there are some minor errors  with HP scanner causing the trouble. Have a look these simple steps to solve the issue.

  • Try to Uninstalling and Reinstalling Scanner :

To Uninstall Driver :

Have a look these simple steps to solve the issue.

  • Users search (Control Panel) in Search Box on Taskbar.
  • Choose Control Panel from Search Result.
  • Enter on Programs with Features option 
  • Tab on HP Scanner from  theList.
  • Users Right Click on  Your HP Scanner and choose Uninstall the Pop-Up tab.
  • You have to follow Screen Instruction for Uninstall Scanner.
  • Restart your Computer When Prompted.

 Reinstall The Driver :

  • Users Open HP Driver Download Page
  • Identify Your Product
  • Users need to Enter Your Product Name in box 
  • You Will Be Navigated Driver Download Page Where You Will All Types Of HP Driver As Per Your Product Model.
  • Download The Driver As Per Your Product & Operating System
  • Open  Downloaded File & Install It By Following Screen Instructions
  • Restart Your PC and HP Scanner as Well Once

  • Allow Scanner Through Windows Firewall Option :

It is possible that scanner is unable to scan because of  firewall settings. The Windows firewall may stop programmes from performing if  firewall does not recognize software, application, or device.

In that situation ,users  have to enable a scanner through the firewall so that you can solve HP scanner  related problems

  • Search Control Panel in Search Box on Left Bottom side .
  • Select Window Defender Firewall tab 
  •  Enter on Allow An App Or Feature Through Windows Defender Firewall ) option 
  • Click on Change Settings button.
  • Allow Another Application 
  • Tab on Browse.
  • Users need to Add HP Scanner From The List Of Programs Press on Ok button .

  • Connection Problem between system and HP Scanner :

The scanner may be having connection issues with the computer or laptop. There are many reasons for connection problem to come.There can be improper communication between the computer and the scanner.

Some interference can be there if you have a different printer or scanner previously installed on your computer. Ports may also become unavailable due to technical reasons.

In such a scenario, a simple restart can solve the problem. Users have to restart their system and scanner simultaneously to recover from the connection problem and solve it on their computer.

If users are using a VPN, this could also cause a connection problem with wireless scanners. It interferes with computer and scanner communication. Disable VPN & try scanning.

Follow the below-given steps in the same manner as described here.

  • Disconnect the computer and the scanner.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Now restart the scanner.
  • Users Replace USB Cable Of Scanner :

If users are using a wired scanner that connects with system or laptop using a USB cable then sometimes bad cable can lead to non-function of HP Scanner. Users should try replacing USB cable that connects your scanner with system. 

  • Update the Drivers 

To update the driver, follow the below steps.

  • Users Right-Click On Start Menu.
  • Press on Device Manager.
  • Users have to Double Click On Imaging Devices, If You are Using a Multifunction Printer.
  • Double _Click on Printers.
  •  If You Are Using A Multifunction Printer. Then Right-Click on Printer Name.
  • Choose Update Driver From Small Menu.
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  • Run Scannow Utility Option 

An HP scanner not working may also occur because of some missing or corrupted files. For several reasons, HP scanner installation files can become corrupted. An improper or sudden shutdown can cause this problem on a Windows computer.

  • Users Search for (Cmd) In Search Box in Taskbar.
  • Right-click on  command prompt 
  • Choose  (Run As Administrator).
  •  Enter on yes option 
  • In Command Prompt, type SFC/Scan now.

  • Windows Image Acquisition Service :

Another important reason for the HP scanner not working properly can be the WIA service. This is a special service provided by Windows OS to help run the scanners. If the Windows Image Acquisition service is not started for some reason, then it can cause problems with the HP scanner.

Follow the below-given steps to start the WIA service on your computer.

  • Search on (services) in search box on bottom.
  • Look for a Windows Image Acquisition Program.
  • Users  need to right-click on it and select “Start The Service.

  • Shell Hardware Detection Services

Some services in the Windows OS help run external hardware and devices properly. Shell hardware detection services are one of them.

 Check the Steps :

  • Enter the Windows logo and press R simultaneously on your keyboard. 
  • Type “Services. MSc” in the run box. Users enter the button and look for shell hardware detection. 
  • Right-Click Shell Hardware Detection Service option If the service status is stopped, press “Start.
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  • Check For Other Services :

There are a few other Microsoft services also that we need to make sure are running to make HP scanner work. Users need to check these services. 

  • The list of services is below.
  • DCOM Server Process Launcher
  • Call for Remote Process 
  • End Point Mapper for RPC

Insufficient Memory:

To resolve this problem, Users need to check

  • You need to Set Scan Resolution To Low
  • Set Paper Size Normal
  • Change Scan Setting To Normal If It Is Set To Extreme
  • Troubleshoot Hardware Issues :

The troubleshooting wizard on Windows operating system can also be used for fixing the HP scanner not the working . It may help fix any technical reasons which may cause the problem. 

Follow these steps to start and run the troubleshooter on your computer:

  • Search ( Control Panel) In Search Box on Bottom.
  • Enter Control Panel from Search Result.
  • Tab On Troubleshooting.
  • Press on Hardware And Sound option .
  • Users enter on Scanner Or Printer If You Are Using Multifunction Printer.

Here Some Easy Tips to Avoid HP Scanner Related problems :

Scanner related problems can bother you in the future also. For various reasons, you may face an HP scanner not working. Uses can take some steps to save themselves from scanner related problems :

  • You need to update your scanner driver  Drivers Of The Scanner Updated
  • Take Proper Care of  Scanner
  • Use It Gently
  • Avoid Heating Scanner too Much
  • Try to Change USB Cable Once in a Year.
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