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How to Fix iTunes Error 4013/4014 Update/Restore Your iPad/iPhone?

Fix iTunes Error 4013 4014

Top Ways to Fix iTunes Error 4013/4014 When Restoring/Upgrading Your iPhone/iPad

When restoring or updating your iPhone / iPad, some users face an iTunes Error 4013/4014 that prevents them from upgrading to the latest iOS version via iTunes. We will introduce what iTunes error 4013/4014 is in this article and list 5 ways to correct this error. Please read on. Occasionally, iPhone users experience a strange error the 9, 4005, 4014/4013 – preventing you from upgrading to the latest iOS version via iTunes. Barring OTA updates, any update done via iTunes runs the risk of multiple errors and one of them, 4013/4014, is our concern.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9, 4005, 4014/4013?

Error, 9, 4005, 4013 or 4014 may be due to some reasons, such as faulty cable/port or poor Wi-Fi. Your iPhone connects to the computer on the surface, iTunes recognizes the device, but somewhere down the line, iTunes thinks that the cable isn’t really good or that Wi-Fi suddenly starts to go wrong. It may even turn out that your computer is the real villain.

Fix iTunes Error 4013 4014

Solution # 1: Reboot your iPhone

  • Disconnect and reboot your iPhone from your computer. To do this, simply press and hold the Home button and for about ten seconds of sleep/wake button at once. Press and hold down the volume button on 7 and 7 Plus and sleep/wake at once.
  • After restarting your iPhone, connect it to your computer again. And try as usual to update/restore it.
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Solution # 2: Check the Faulty

Cable / Port Check the faulty cable and port as they may cause trouble. Try another cable and use a different port.

# 3 Solution. Is Wi-Fi Network Functioning Correctly?

  • If Wi-Fi does not work properly or is poor, the update process may be disconnected, so you will receive the error message. Therefore, make sure you have the correct Wi-Fi connection.
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi on both your computer and your iPhone and after a while trying to connect it to the network.
  • Try another network as well; if there is one

When dealing with an iPhone, make sure that you only use the most reliable methods of recovery. As such, dr.fone – Repair is advisable because it is a Wondershare technology application, a reliable company that has even received critical acclaim from Forbes magazine. Most importantly, you can use it without losing your data to fix the 4013 error!

If all of the above tricks don’t help you fix the error, you’ll need to contact Apple. The tech giant is going to take care of the issue and offer it the best solution. For more such handy tips, stay connected with us and feel free to shoot your valuable feedback in the comments.

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