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How to Fix Origin Error Code 9.0 ?

Origin Error Code 9.0

With millions of active players, Origin is one of the world’s most popular gaming platforms. The platform provides stable gaming experience in 99.99 percent of the time.

There are cases, however, where Origin does not function properly. One such example is the problem where error 9.0 prevents the latest updates from being downloaded.

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The description of the error reads: Whoops! An error occurred to the installer. Please stop the installation and restart it. You’ll quickly be up and running. Mistake code: 9.0.

How to fix Origin error 9.0

1. Restart your computer and modem/ router

The restart of your gaming equipment and modem router can help you fix the update error of Origin 9.0. Reboot your devices and go to the next solution if the problem persists.

2. End OriginThinSetupInternal.exe

Start Task Manager and find all processes in OriginThinSetupInternal.exe. Close them all and see if the solution solved the problem.

3. Clear the Origin cache

  1. Go to the Origin folder at this address: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin
  2. Delete the OriginThinSetupInternal.exe file.

Another way to do that is this:

  1. Go C:\Users[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Origin.
  2. Delete all the files and folders store in the respective folder.
  3. Go to the AppData folder -> open the Local folder -> open the Origin folder.
  4. Delete all the files and folders inside.

4. Uninstall and reinstall Origin

Deinstall the current version of the Origin client. Make sure you’re logged in as an administrator. Once the client has been deleted, go to the website of Origin and download and install the latest client version.

Rest assured, this action won’t remove the games installed on your device.

5. Run Origin as an Administrator

  1. After you have installed the latest version of the Origin client, go to the OriginThinSetup.exe download folder.
  2. Right click on it -> select Run As Administrator.

6. Open Origin ports

Make sure that the following Origin ports are open:

  • TCP: 80; 443; 9960-9969; 3216; 18000; 18120; 18060; 27900; 28910; 29900;
  • UDP: 1024-1124; 18000; 29900

7. Temporarily disable your antivirus

Try to disable your security software (antivirus and firewall) to see if error 9.0 is fixed. After the latest Origin updates have been installed, turn on your security tools.

8. Enable Safe Boot

Some gamers have confirmed that the problem was fixed by enabling Safe Boot. Below you will find all the instructions for boot cleaning your PC and Mac.

How to clean boot your Windows PC to fix Origin error 9.0:

  1. Go to Start – type msconfig – press Enter System configuration window.
  2. Go to the Services tab – select “Hide all Microsoft Services” – select “Disable all services”
    clean boot windows
  3. Go to the Startup tab -> launch Task Manager.
  4. Right-click and disable all the programs listed.
  5. Close the Task Manager -> click OK -> restart your computer.
  6. Launch Origin and check if the error persists.

How to clean boot your Mac computer to fix Origin error 9.0:

  1. Restart your Mac -> press and hold the Shift key as soon as possible.
  2. When the login window appears, release the Shift key
  3. Login when prompted
  4. Launch Origin and check if the error persists.

9. Install the latest OS updates

The Origin client depends on the smooth running of your operating system. Outdated versions of the OS can cause several problems, including error 9.0.

Install the latest updates on your Windows/Mac computer and restart Origin to verify that the problem persists.

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