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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000-77?

QuickBooks Error 6000-77 is common when your company file is stored in an unsuitable folder. Intuit, Popular Accounting Software has changed the way the company manages its accounting department and its different sections completely. It has helped businesses reach the next level with the availability of both cloud and base. There are also some memories in it, though, with so many hits. By popping up with error messages, it gives a nightmare, stopping its users from working. The QuickBooks Error 6000-77 is one such error message. Also, check this infographic.

QuickBooks Error -6000 -77 Causes and Conclusions

Reason: Some of the Possible Causes are the Error Message of QuickBooks -6000 -77:

  • Inappropriate folder permission to keep the company file inside the folder.
  • The company file should be located on an external storage device on a network or local drive.
  • How many files have been opened by referring to the QuickBooks mapped drive?
  • When communicating the problem, QuickBooks running in multi-user mode.

QuickBooks Error 6000-77

How to Fix Error 6000 77 of QuickBooks?

You can try to fix this type of error by using one of these given solutions:

Solution 1: Download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor to fix this error.

Solution 2: Rename.ND and.TLG files:

Rewrite them. ND and. TLG extensions. These extensions help configure files that enable QuickBooks Desktop to access business files in your network or multi-user mode. Harm. ND or. TLG files may cause errors when the QuickBooks desktop is opened. Renaming these files does not result in data loss since opening the company file or scanning the company files using the QuickBooks database server manager are automatically reproduced.

  • Go to Computer and select the folder where your company file is located and open it. C: \ Users \ Public Documents \ Intuition \ QuickBooks \ Company Files.
  • Look for files with the same name as your company file, but with the. ND and. TLG extensions. Eg: undertaking file.qbw.ND, undertaking file.qbw.TLG
  • Right-click to select and rename the.nd/.tlg file. In the last file extension, to link the word “.old” and press enter. Example:.qbw.nd. OLD, company file.qbw.tlg.old

Do you use any QuickBooks software that faced QuickBooks Error 6000 when dealing with widely used accounting software? And, do you need to fix it as soon as it seriously hinders your business ‘ account productivity? As a user of QuickBooks, if both of these questions are answered yes without if & but Then you need to take corrective steps to quickly and easily remove error code 6000-77 to prevent long-term interruption of your work.

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Solution 3: Use the UNC path instead of the mapped drive to fix this

Right-click on your desktop’s QuickBooks icon, press and hold on your keyboard’s Ctrl key, and select Run as Admin. Keep the Ctrl key down until the No Company Open window is open. Note: It prevents QuickBooks Desktop from auto-opening a company file by holding down the Ctrl key.

  • Select Open or Restore Company from the File menu > Open a business file > Next.
  • Click Network in the left pane and navigate to your company file location. Note: You may need to set folder permissions if you can not find the folder where the company file is saved.
  • Select the file for the company and click Open.

Solution 4: Configure your firewall and security software

See how firewall and security software can be configured

Solution 5: Use this step to recreate the damaged folder

  • Create a new folder on your computer’s drive C.
  • Open the folder where the old file of the company is saved.
  • Find the file.qbw. Like-company file.qbw.
  • Copy the file.qbw.
  • Then open and paste the file into the new folder.
  • Set the Access permission window to share business files.
  • Open QB Desktop after that and open the file from a new location.

Some Other Helpful Tips to Solve this error:

  • Reboot with more permissions the QuickBooks software. The error is removed in many situations after restarting the software and no further work is required.
  • Run a doctor file for QuickBooks. That has the ability to repair corrupted or damaged QB files. In QuickBooks file recovery, however, this utility sometimes fails to fix the 6000 77 error message. This is because of its underlying weak and basic technology.
  • If previously stored on an external storage device, move the company file to a local or network drive. Then, in QuickBooks, try to open the QBW file and see if the error is gone or still exists.
  • If the mapped drive is referenced by the QuickBooks Company file, change’ settings’ and select’ right server.’ Click the’ Open or Restore ‘ button in the File menu to do this. Select ‘ Open a company file’ after this and then click’ Network Place.’ Click on the’ full network ‘ button and select the server where the company file was stored. Finally, restart the QuickBooks software to check whether the solution works.

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