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How to Fix Windows 10 Activation Error Code 0xC004F074?

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I just updated my operating system on Windows and I can’t activate it. Once I try, I receive Windows 10 error code 0xC004F074. Can you help me with this problem?

Error code 0xC004F074 indicates that during the activation procedure, the key management service could not be contacted. This happens when the user attempts to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. Similarly, people cannot use their computers and see the following message:

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Windows cannot access the activation service of your company. Connect to your company network. Contact your system administrator if you are connected and continue to see the error. To find the exact error, you can also click on the error detail. Mistake code: 0xC004F074.

Failed Windows 10 Activation of error code 0xC004F074 is a well-known problem immediately following the release of Windows 10 in 2015. While Microsoft released the patch immediately and fixed the bug, Cumulative Windows Updates reappears

However, users should bear in mind that error 0xC004F074 can also occur if you download a compromised upgrade to Windows from pirated websites. These pages are very dangerous and can permanently damage your system. We also suggest that you only receive updates from authorized sites.

Note that not only can you get into the trap of scammers, but you can also infect your computer with malware. Online criminals embody well-known companies and try to trick people into downloading fake software updates to swindle money or install spyware-related programs unconsciously.

However, if you downloaded a legitimate update and received 0xC004F074 Windows 10 KMS error code, read the following instructions to manually fix it. However, it is important to follow the guide carefully in order to avoid possible damage.

Ways to fix error code 0xC004F074 on Windows 10

To repair the damaged system, the licensed version of Reimage must be purchased.

Although you can manually fix the problem of 0xC004F074 KMS, we strongly recommend that you rely on the problem’s automatic removal. For this, you can find a software below for professional system optimization. Once installed, a full system scan will be performed and help you solve the problem.

However, you can also use the step-by-step instructions below to activate Windows 10 by phone. Please find below guidelines. There is also an additional method by running the System File Checker  on your operating system to eliminate 0xC004F074 error.

1 Technique. Change the key Using activation wizard

To repair damaged system, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage.
  1. Click Win key + R, type slui 4, and hit Enter.
  2. After that, Win key + S to open Settings.
  3. Select Update & security and click on Activation.
  4. If your PC is not activated, you will receive an option Activate by phone.
  5. After that, start the Product Activation Wizard.
  6. Open charms menu and click Settings.
  7. Then go to Change PC Settings and click Activate Windows.
  8. Click on one of the options, e.g., Activate, Activate by phone or Contact customer support for help.
  9. Follow the on-screen directions and activate Windows using your phone.

2 Technique. Take advantage of System File Checker to fix the issue

To repair damaged system, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage.
  1. Click Win key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. Type sfc/scannow and press Enter to start the System File Checker.
  3. The process may take a while, so please be patient and wait until it’s finished.
  4. Once done, reboot the PC and try to activate Windows 10 online. If the issue persists, perform steps provided in method 1 to activate using a phone.

If that doesn’t work, our last recommendation would be to contact Microsoft Support Center in great detail and explain your problem. If, however, Windows activation error 0xC004F074 has been fixed and Windows 10 has been successfully activated, do not forget to install a proper optimization tool to maintain its best performance. We would recommend using Reimage.

Repair your Errors automatically

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