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How to Fix Windows Error Code 0x80042405-0xa001a?

The Windows Error Code 0x80042405-0xa001a is based on the Windows Media Creation Tool, which is used mainly for the creation of bootable USB devices for Windows installation. This error message surfaced last year and was not completely eradicated despite frequent updates from Microsoft.

The reasons for this error message are mainly related to disk settings when trying to create a bootable media. If the disk settings are set correctly, the Media Creation Tool is likely to work and we need to use a workaround to make it work.

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What Causes Error Code 0x80042405-0xa001a in Media Creation Tool?

There are many different reasons for the error code 0x80042405-0xa001a, from the USB disk type to the media creation tool, which is not working properly. Some of the reasons are:

  • The USB is not a type of NTFS. NTFS file systems are specially designed for the Windows-only environment and if you want the Media Creation Tool to work flawlessly, it is best to use an NTFS.
  • In the Media Creation Tool, there is a bug that always gives the error if it runs from another drive instead of where its operations are to be implemented.
  • You don’t have enough space on your USB to create media on.

This error message is repeatedly resurfaced and even if we don’t know what this behavior triggers, the workarounds listed below will quickly fix it. Before proceeding, be sure to log in as an administrator to your computer.

Solution 1: Downloading Media Creation Tool directly to the USB

The solution that appears to work whenever this error occurs is to download the Media Creation Tool directly to the USB drive that you want to use. Just download the tool to the same USB as your installation media.

Initializing Media Creation Tool in target USB

Normally, you would download the tool to your local C drive and start the application and try to create a bootable drive. We’ll download it from here directly to the USB and run it.

In short, run the tool directly from the USB, i.e. after selecting the source media, run MediaCreationTool.exe and create the media. Make sure that you run the executable as an administrator.

Solution 2: Formatting USB as NTFS

Another good solution for some users is to format the USB target as NTFS and then run the media creation tool. The reason for this bug is unknown because it should not be a problem to create media in FAT32 format, since the media creation tool formats the disk before it is created. We will use the integrated disk formatting and try again after the disk is formatted.

  1. Press Windows + E and click on the PC in the navigation bar on the left.
  2. The target USB device will be displayed here. Right-click and choose Format.
Formatting drive to NTFS file system
  1. A window will appear asking for all further details. Make sure the format is set as NTFS and continue.
  2. Run the Media Creation Tool (you can also implement solution 1 here) after formatting the disk and see if the problem is resolved.

Solution 3: Using Disk Management to convert to MBR

Windows Media Creation Tool requires the setting of your USB drive as an MBR (Master Boot Record) instead of a GPT (GUID Partition Table). MBR is considered very important because it is the industry of the first boot. You can’ boot’ from the USB with this hard drive feature. We will use the disk management tool in Windows to format and convert the disk type to MBR.

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Solution 5: Using Rufus to create Installation Media

Rufus is a formatting and creation tool for bootable USB flash drives. A popular alternative is the Windows Media Creation Tool. It is fast and covers other aspects such as flashing BIOS or system-free operation. However, an ISO file must be downloaded locally, as in the previous case.

Creating Media using Rufus

You must first select the ISO file and then the media creation process continues. You can check our bootable USB Windows 10 using Rufus. Make sure the administrator is running.

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