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How to Fix Windows Errors Code 43 ?

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The error of Code 43 is one of several error codes for Device Manager. When Device Manager stops hardware device, it is generated because the hardware has reported to Windows that it has some sort of unspecified problem.

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It will almost always display in the following way:

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

The error codes of the device manager are exclusive to the device manager. If you see the error of Code 43 elsewhere in Windows, it is likely that it is system error code that should not be fixed as device manager problem.

The error of Code 43 could apply to any hardware device in the Device Manager, although most errors of Code 43 appear on video cards and USB devices such as printers, webcams, iPhones iPods etc.

Any operating system in Microsoft may have an error in the Code 43 Device Manager, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more.

How to Fix a Code 43 Error

  1. Restart your computer if you haven’t done so already.

    Restart option in Windows 10 Start Menu

    It is always possible that the Code 43 error you see on device was caused by temporary hardware problem. If so, the Code 43 error could be fixed by rebooting your computer.

    Some users also reported that when their computer was completely powered off (not just a reset) and turned on, their Code 43 problem was corrected, especially if it exists on a USB device. In the case of a laptop, turn it off and remove the battery, wait a couple of minutes and then return the battery to the computer.

  2. Did you install a device or modify the device manager just before the error in Code 43 appeared? If so, the Code 43 error may have been caused by the change you made. If you can, uncheck the change, restart the PC and check the error of Code 43 again.

    Some solutions may include: Removing or reconfiguring the newly installed device, depending on the changes you have made.

  3. Rolling back the driver to a version prior to your update

  4. Using System Restore to undo recent Device Manager related changes

  5. Install the device drivers again. Deinstalling the device drivers and then reinstalling them is a possible solution to an error in Code 43.

    If the Code 43 error is generated by a USB device, uninstall each device in the Device Manager as part of the driver reinstallation in the Universal Serial Bus Controller hardware category. This includes any USB device for mass storage, USB host controller and USB root hub.

    The correct reinstallation of a driver is not the same as simply updating a driver, as in the instructions listed above. A full reinstallation of the driver involves the removal of the currently installed driver and the reinstallation of Windows from scratch.

  6. Update the device’s drivers. It is also very possible that the Code 43 error could be corrected by installing the latest device drivers.

    If the update of the drivers removes the error of Code 43, it means that the Windows drivers you reinstalled in Step 3 have probably been damaged or incorrect.

  7. Install the latest service package for Windows. One of Microsoft’s service packs or other Windows patches may contain a fix for the Code 43 error, so if you are not fully updated, do so now.

  8. Update BIOS. In some situations, an outdated BIOS may cause a particular problem with a device that reports a problem to Windows-thus the error of Code 43.

  9. Replace the data cable connecting the device to the computer, provided it has one. This possible fix for a Code 43 error is usually useful if you see an error on an external device such as a USB or FireWire device.

  10. Refer to the hardware device manual and follow any information provided for troubleshooting.

    I know this sounds like general advice, but the Code 43 error specifically refers to the hardware as the source of the error information, so some useful troubleshooting information can actually be found in the product manual.

  11. If the Code 43 error appears on a USB device, buy a powered USB hub. Some USB devices require more power than the USB ports built into your computer. Connecting these devices to a USB hub solves this problem.

  12. Substitute the hardware. The Code 43 error could cause a problem with the device itself, in which case the replacement of the hardware is your next logical step. This is the solution to a Code 43 error in most cases, but I wanted you to try the software-based troubleshooting ideas more easily and freely first.

    Another possibility is that the device is incompatible with your Windows version, although not very likely. Windows HCL can always be checked for sure.

    If you are positive that the code 43 error is not caused by a hardware problem, you can try a Windows repair installation. If it doesn’t work, try a clean Windows installation. Before you replace the hardware, I don’t recommend either, but you may need to try them if you’re out of other options.

  13. Please let me know if you fixed a Code 43 error using the above method. I want this page to be as accurate as possible.

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