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How to Resolve Amazon Alexa not Responding or Working?

Alexa Not Working

Amazon Alexa not Responding or Working

Here is the important Troubleshooting Tips and Fixes for Amazon Alexa

We know some times Amazon Alexa not responding or working to your device, there may be lots of reasons behind this. You don’t need to worry about it as we will have some troubleshooting measures here. Confused by a Yellow Ring from Alexa? Alexa does not responding? Not sure what red light means for Alexa? We have the fixes which you like!

Welcome to the Alexa troubleshooting guide offered by Error code experts. If you have Alexa problems, we’ll try to help you fix it: If Alexa doesn’t work as it should, if your Echo system issues drive you crazy, if you’re scraping your teeth at Alexa frustrations that just don’t make any sense, we’ve got the answers.  Alexa is a virtual assistant that uses voice commands to monitor Amazon Echo smart speakers and other smart tools. Alexa and Echo usually function together smoothly, but problems may still appear. Here’s how to quickly fix the most common problems you will also encounter with Alexa and your Echo devices.

Causes of Common Alexa and Echo Problems

There are many reasons why Alexa and your Echo system could not be working properly together. There could be a simple guilty party, like an outage of power or the internet. Echo devices may be combined incorrectly, or Wi-Fi problems may arise. Your Amazon account setup could cause voice-recognition crashes or problems.

Whatever the reason of your Alexa and Echo confusion, without any time can those simple troubleshooting steps get them right in order.


Most of these steps to troubleshoot overlap from one problem to the next. That’s because an actual problem with devices allowed by Alexa and Alexa may cause many problems.

Tips and Tricks to Fix Alexa Not Responding or Working

When you’re offering a voice order, but Alexa and your Echo are not listening or answering with something like, “Sorry, I don’t know that one,” or “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now. Please try a little later.” When Alexa doesn’t reply properly, some quick solutions are available to try.

Step 1: The primary phase allows the user to use the correct power adapter which enables the Amazon Echo device to switch on. A few other local adapters don’t have sufficient power to switch on and work properly.

Alexa Not Responding

Steps 2: You need to press the app icon that is placed on top of the device after switching on the device. Then it checks whether or not the system responds depending on the provided commands.

Step 3: When Alexa does not respond to the voice commands, you must first check that the Echo system is held at least 3 feet away from the speakers. It indicates a lack of answer by echo dots. If the speakers are put in close proximity, then due to Alexa Echo’s difficulty hearing the command will result in amazon echo not responding.

Steps 4: Another thing you need to make sure the echo dot is put away from the doors so the dust will fall off from the wall. It could damage the speakers and with that, it could be another reason why Alexa app is not working. In fact, it may also block the Ecosystem’s voice path and due to the barriers, Alexa cannot be able to respond to the commands mentioned.

Step 5: Make sure the speaker stays in a quiet place where there will be no loud noise, this may be the one reason Alexa not working or responding to voice commands.

Step 6: Giving a voice command at this point in time is very significant as the process ensures your voice is natural and clear as Alexa can understand it. The wrong command showed Alexa didn’t respond.

Step 7: In response to this the final point merged regarding the importance of holding the echo system device away from the voice output mainly microphone, radio , TV and other connected devices. They are the people responsible for Alexa not responding.

Amazon Alexa not responding

Basic Troubleshooting Solutions of Why Amazon Alexa App Not Responding:

Everyone knows Alexa usage is one of the best ideas for home automation.

In case Alexa not responding after doing the above steps, you need to use these solutions one by one as a home automation fix so that you get a better result and finally fix your problem.

Solution 1: To know, check the Microphone button

It can be seen in some cases that Alexa does not respond to the command while this works perfectly. In this case, checking whether the microphone button is switched on or off is important.

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How Alexa not working

Such buttons were placed on top the Echo device and displayed with a Mic symbol at the end. Press the button now, and send Alexa the command to play song or comment on the atmosphere.

If this doesn’t solve and means that Alexa does not really respond, then clicking the same button is essential to generate command again.

Solution 2: Restart Amazon Echo

You can press the up and down volume button in the next stage and double-click the microphone button.

If Alexa does not respond after you have tried the above steps, you may go to the solutions below:

  • First, if the echo dot does not respond to the voice command then test if the blue color light is on or not. If it’s not them, it shows Alexa can hear, but still can’t respond.
  • In the next step, disconnecting the Echo device is crucial to establishing a power source. Here, the other source must be removed for 30 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds attach the wire to the Echo and after a few seconds gap the wireless link will start to connect.
  • After 2-3 minutes it allows the Echo system to boot again. You will use it once again.
  • Asking about the time and date is important to test if Alexa is not responding.

It’s used as one of the user end’s easiest solutions.

Solution 3: Hard Reset Echo Device

If the above processes cannot provide the solution, then the following steps can be used to try hard reset echo devices

  • Look closely at the reset hole at the bottom of the Echo unit, and push the reset button for seconds using a paper clip.
  • After pressing the button a blue light will appear and it will turn into orange.
  • Wait for the system to turn off, and then restart, so that the Echo unit restores to the natural state.
  • Alexa on mobile application will help to set up Amazon Echo

For most situations, this method works well and it has the potential to ensure that Alexa does not respond to the question.

If the issue still exists then going to buy their remote is important.

Solution 4: Disable or Enable the Alexa Privacy

Whenever Amazon echo not responding to the voice command, enabling Alexa privacy is important.

  • Clicking on the button at the end of the Nucleus screen is important.
  • Alexa will be activated, and pressing the button will make it listen again.
  • This can be verified by generating orders.

With this, you can solve Alexa ‘s problems that don’t respond to voice command.

Still Confused? Contact Amazon Alexa Customer Support Number +1-866-231-0111 For Alexa Tech Support

If in the steps of using the Amazon Alexa you are still confused, I strongly recommend that you contact our technicians. They’re ready to help you in the best way possible 24/7. You can call Alexa customer service number at, and Alexa Communication will help you to de-register. The optional Drop In feature will allow you to easily connect on supported Echo devices with your closest friends and family.