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How to Resolve HP Support Assistant Not Working?

HP Support Assistant Not Working

The HP Support Assistant enhances system performance and resolves issues using diagnostic tools and helpful tools. HP Support Assistant offers an access point for software updates, product information, online classes, and HP contact information, with many more facilities provided. 

It is most common for computers to come across various hardware and software-related problems most of the time. Many times, one might have to take their laptops to certain service centers for the slightest of issues. It’s natural not everyone is a system expert out there. Most of the time, I don’t know much about computers and their intricacies. The HP support assistant is quite helpful in solving several laptop-related problems on its own. One can save the time of going to the service center again and again. If users face any issues in software support. You can follow the mentioned steps 

Let’s see the methods of how to fix HP Support Assistant Not Working.

HP Support Assistant Not Working

What is an HP Support Assistant ?

In 2012, Mr. Hewlett Packard introduced HP support assistants for all their laptops. Every laptop produced after 2012 comes with a configuration to support the support assistant. the laptops come with an installed support assistant, or one might have to install them separately.

HP Support Assistant is a self-help-free software for install on HP laptops. The main work of the utility software is to avoid and identify the problems that PCs may be facing. The software helps in resolve the issue by using self-help installed options and different updates of this software. Its detects outdated drivers and updates them on a regular basis.

Where do users find an HP Support Assistant ?

Users can find HP support assistants for every Windows version. In the case of Windows is a high version. It will be present on the start-screen app. you can find the app on the taskbar as well. Users can search for the HP support assistant on the search bar. If users do not get it, they can visit the official HP website. Go to the HP website and reach  HP support page to find the link to download the assistant software.

Easy Methods to Resolve HP Support Assistant Not Working Problems: 

Download HP Support Assistant and Install it :

Stated below are the points that users need to perform to download and install HP support assistant.

If  HP Support Assistant app is not launching,Users must download the latest version of the application and  install it 

  • Download the installer of HP support by Tabbing on the link provided.
  • Run the installer and confirm by choosing the Yes option.
  • Visit on the installation process.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Reboot option is show on the screen.
  • Users restart their PC,
  • See if the HP Support Assistant app is launching or not.
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Uninstall your HP Support Assistant :

If the above-mentioned solution does not help you with your issues, Users can try uninstalling the HP support assistant from the Control Panel option.

  • Press the   Windows key.
  • Tab the R Key 
  • Select Ok after pressing Control.
  • Navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Users select programs.
  • Check out the programs and features.
  • Users will see a list of installed applications. 
  • From there, enter the HP Support Assistant.
  • Enter the Uninstall button.
  • Check out the instructions shown on the screen to complete the process of un-installation.
  • Close the window’s control panel.
  • Launch the File Explorer. 
  • Browse to C: Program Files (X86).Hewlett-Packard,
  • Users remove the HP Support Framework from the folder.
  • Now run the installer from the previous solution to see if it resolves your issue.
  • Go to the HP Support Assistant.
  • Open the About section.
  • Check out the latest version. 
  • Users have to wait.
  • The app is searching for pending updates to install.

Download the Drivers and Update Them Manually :

If users see no signs of improvement after applying the previous option.

  •  Your PC has some components that you would like to update.
  •  Users can go to the main website of the company to download them.
  •  Navigate to the product page of HP Care.
  •  Enter the details of your HP computer whose software you want to download and update.
  •  Take a look at all the available updates
  •  To install each of them.
  • If users find that the update is available for HP Support Assistant, download it. 
  •  The download is over, 
  • Install it and update it.
  • Users don’t need to download and install the drivers manually.
  • If the HP Support Assistant does not support it, fix the issue.
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Disable the Antivirus Software:

Users have to disable antivirus software. It will not support your system and HP Support Assistant does not support it at that time. Use the HP support assistant. Antivirus software has to disable 

Get in touch with us for HP Support Assistant Not Working :

HP Support Assistant normally works without any trouble. If users have any issues about HP Support Assistant Not Working in a proper way. The experts are ready to resolve your issues and provide you with the best solution to your problems instantly. Connect with the support team via call at +1-888-401-4846. Experts are available to resolve your problems 24/7 hours. 

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