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How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error 48?

Brother Printer Error 48

Brother is a well-known brand that creates a variety of printers and scanners that are both reliable and high-quality. Brother printers are not only known for their amazing features, but they’ve also proved to be quite user-friendly. The fact that they are easy to install and run helps to their great printing service. However, because it is a machine, it can crash or malfunction at any time, and we must deal with many printer issues, the most common of which is “Brother printer error 48.”
If they failure, they are configured to send out an issue brother unable to print 48 messages, which pinpoint the exact issues and make troubleshooting simple.

What is Brother Printer Error 48, and what does it mean?

Brother error 48 is one of the many error codes generated by Brother Printers, and it indicates that the print head cable or circuit board is broken or damaged. The notice “Unable to Print 48” appears on the screen for one of the following reasons:

  • The printer head can be harmed by items such as a paper clip or a ripped piece of paper.
  • The printing machine has broken down technically.
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How Can I Fix Brother Printer Error 48?

Troubleshooting and resolving Brother printer issues is a simple task if you are well aware of the error codes. To analyze existing or reoccurring issues, troubleshooting entails following some basic techniques and guidelines.

Brother Printer Error 48

Remember that troubleshooting brother printer error 48 effectively requires some time and patience.

Here are some troubleshooting points and suggestions:

  • Error codes generated by jams and blockages are fairly frequent, and they have an impact on the printing process.
  • If your printer is having difficulty due to queued print tasks, clear the queue by deleting a specific job.
  • Unplug the printer from the power socket if it is still hanging and not operating.
  • Allow it to cool down for a minute before reactivating it.
  • To solve the problem, repeat the same procedure on a regular basis.
  • It’s possible that the system or laptop isn’t responding properly.
  • Then close all open apps, turn it off, and turn it back on after a while.
  • This will automatically re-establish contact with the printer.
  • If your printer appears to have disappeared from the screen and isn’t working, select “add printer wizard” to re-establish connectivity.
  • If the error codes indicate a “driver” problem, update your current driver or install a new driver if necessary.

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error 48:

Step 1: Check for debris and paper scraps and remove them.

  • Unplug the printer from its power supply.
  • Carefully lift and open the scanner cover.
  • Look inside the machine for any jammed paper or unwanted objects and remove them carefully.
  • Check for any paper jams beneath the printer head. If the paper head is in the middle, slide it to the right or left side and look under it for paper scraps.

Follow These Procedures if the Print Head is on the left side.

  • With your fingertips, simply push the print head to the center.
  • Check for jammed paper or anything under the print head and remove them.
  • Reconnect the printer’s power source and close the scanner lid.
  • Keep in mind that the error notice will appear until the encoder strip is cleaned.
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Follow These Steps if the Print Head is on the left side.

  • With your fingertips, simply push the print head to the center.
  • Check for jammed paper or anything under the print head and remove them.
  • Connect the printer’s power source and close the scanner cover.
  • Keep in mind that the error message will appear until the encoder strip is cleaned.

Step 2. Clean the Encoder Strip

  • Simply unplug the Brother Printer from the power box.
  • Using the plastic tabs or finger holds, lift the scanner cover until the machine is not locked securely into its open position.
  • In front of the white vinyl band, look for the Encoder Strip, which is a transparent plastic strip.
  • Clean both sides of the encoder strip with a piece of dry lint cloth.
  • Start cleaning the encoder strip from right to left.
  • Repeat the instructions until the encoder strip is completely clean.
  • Close the scanner lid and reconnect the printer machine to the power socket after cleaning process is completed.

Pass a Print command to check the print quality to ensure that the printer and its buttons are working properly. To do so, press the Ink Icon (on the printer screen) >> Print a sample >> >> Printing Quality OK

If the print command completes successfully, Brother error 48 has been resolved. Otherwise, if it still appears, repeat the entire process.

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