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How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issues?

Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issues

Outlook is one of the best email service providers for users. A million users use Microsoft Outlook accounts. It provides great features to users. You can use it on any device and anywhere with a good internet connection. Sometimes users face many issues in outlook accounts like Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issues. To solve this problem users search for many online solutions. If you do not get the best solution to solve it. Not to worry. We came up with the best solution to read this blog. In this blog, we describe all reasons with proper solutions. You can apply it step by step to solve the problem easily without any hassle. 

Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Reasons for Outlook Not Receiving Emails 

If Outlook does not receive mail issues can be caused by many factors. To fix the problem smoothly let’s check the causes of these outlook issues first.

  • Unstable network connections or unavailable outlook services 
  • Check if your emails are marked as junk files improperly. 
  • If your account is blocked.
  • Your email is not stored in the main inbox or the inbox is full 
  • If the Outlook profile gets corrupt. 
  • Connect too many emails account to your Outlook Account
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Seven Methods to solve Outlook not Receiving Emails 2022 :

First Method: Check out your Internet Connection 

First of all, users should check their network connection and the status of the Outlook service. If your Internet connection is interrupted or unstable, you may encounter not receiving emails. Issue. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Restart your system and connect it to a stable Internet connection.
  • Open your chrome and navigate to the official website of Outlook.
  • Users need to check if the current status is normal on Outlook’s Service Status page. If not, it will be marked red.
Second Method: Lookout the all Junk Email Folder 

It’s important to look out for your junk email folder. 

  • You need to visit the folder list and enter the Junk Email folder to check if there are any missing emails.
  •  Users enter on Right-click the not receiving emails and choose the Mark-as not junk option from the context menu. 
  • The emails will be moved to the inbox automatically.
Tip:  Users can navigate to this path: Action >Junk, mail >Mark as Not Junk.
Third Method: Examine the Inbox Settings 

If the improper inbox filter and sort settings are responsible for not receiving emails in Outlook. Users can fix the issue by resetting the inbox settings.

  • Open your Outlook service, go to the Filter tab, and select Sort from the drop-down menu.
  • Users can choose a type from the submenu.
Fourth Method: Check the Blocked Senders and Safe Senders in Outlook

Follow the steps below to check if users have set up the blocked sender addresses that can trigger the not receiving emails in the Outlook issue.

  •  You need to click on the Settings icon and select the View all Outlook settings option.
  •  Go to the Mail option on the left pane and select Junk email.
  • Choose the blocked address of senders and click on Remove > Save. 
  • If the block senders’ address is not in the list of the account.
  • Users can add them to the Safe sender’s list. Enter the email address. 
  • Enter on Add >Save option
Fifth Method: Make a New Outlook Profile 

If the outlook profile gets corrupt users may encounter the not receiving emails outlook problem. Users can follow the mentioned easy steps to create a new outlook account.

Look out the points : 
  • Open your outlook services and navigate to file > Account > Settings >Manage the profiles 
  • In the pop -up-window enter the Show profile button 
  • Enter the Add button in the mailbox and type a new name for the profile and enter on Ok save it.
  • Users need to follow the on-screen prompts to set up an email account for the new profile. 
  • You need to restart your outlook account and navigate the file >Account >Settings >Change profile path. 
  • Enter the ok tab in the Outlook Will Close Window. 
  • Restart outlook and select the profile window.
  • Choose the new profile you just created from the drop-down menu and enter the ok button to save it. 
Sixth Method: Free up the Storage Space in Outlook 

Users need to look out if there is not enough free space to save the receiving emails. If the inbox is full users may encounter not receiving emails in outlook issues. To free up the storage space. You can go to the junk Inbox or other folder and delete all unwanted emails in your account. Users can use the Sweep feature in outlook to automatically delete emails from a sender.

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Seventh Method: Remove Multiple Connected Email Accounts  

As users might know, Outlook allows you to connect a maximum of 20 email accounts in one place. Multiple connected email accounts can block this service from receiving emails. To fix the not receiving emails Outlook issue, Users have to remove the multiple accounts. You can enter on Accounts > Connected Accounts. Look out for the list of the connected accounts here and clear all the inactive email accounts.

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We mentioned the above methods to resolve Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issues. You can apply the mentioned steps according to your needs and solve the issues without any trouble. All the provided points are easy to use. If you need instant solutions to cover up these issues. You can connect with the outlook Support team. Just drop your mail on provided support mail:  Experts will respond to your query mail and solve your problem via live chat within seconds our experts will provide a solution without any trouble.

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