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How to Resolve Amazon Alexa Spotify not Working or Not Responding Problems?

Alexa Spotify not Working

Amazon Alexa not Working Today? Here How to Fix Amazon Alexa Spotify not Working, Why Amazon’s Alexa Stops Playing Music Problems by Amazon Experts. Since 2016, Amazon Echo and Spotify have been friends with a few restrictions. Earlier, Spotify music could only be played on Amazon Echo by premium members. Alexa claims to be playing Spotify for some users, but there is no sound coming from it. Others have reported that their Echo system does not appear in Spotify’s list of available devices. Some people only have problems when listening to a specific Spotify playlist. Although some voice assistants limit Spotify use in order to promote their own streaming music services, Spotify users may find Alexa to be very friendly.

  • Your Spotify account must be connected.
  • Open the Alexa App on your phone or go to to get started.
  • Select Music, Video, and Books from the navigation menu.
  • Select Spotify from the Music menu.

Here Learn How to Resolve Amazon Alexa Not Working or Not Responding Problems

Alexa Spotify not Working

To connect your accounts, follow the prompts. Problems with Amazon Echo: top-down view with red ring light. In most situations, smart speakers make everyday task management simpler. However, they sometimes lose sight, and the Amazon Echo is no exception. While the Amazon Echo is one of the most common smart speakers on the marketplace, users regularly encounter the same Amazon Echo problem.


Alexa is having Trouble Finding Devices.

If Alexa is unable to find and activate your smart home devices when you ask it to, there are a few items to consider before having to give up. While this might seem unnecessary, double-check that the system you’re trying to connect is Echo-compatible. Sure, the speaker is compatible with most on-brand products, but there are a few odd birds which aren’t.

Amazon Alexa Spotify not Working

We’ll try to assist you in resolving a number of issues that you can encounter when using Spotify with echo. Let’s look at the solutions for echo not playing Spotify audio.

  1. Restart the echo, the phone, and the computer.
  2. Increase the volume of the echo.
  3. Check echo and Spotify compatibility.
  4. On amazon echo, make Spotify the default music service.
  5. Check the name of the playlist.
  6. Check the echo device’s name.
  7. Make use of the correct account.
  8. Disconnect shuffle.
  9. Disconnect your Spotify account from Alexa.
  10. Forget your echo device and make Spotify.
  11. App updates.
  12. Clear the cache and the data (android only).
  13. Uninstall the app.
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Finally- Connect to Amazon Expert for the Amazon Alexa Spotify not Working Problems Just Call +1-888-401-4846

It’s possible that the problem with the Echo device not playing Spotify music is caused by out-of-date software. Go to the Alexa app to see what software version your Echo have. At the bottom of the screen, click the System tab, then choose your Echo device. The Device software version can be found by clicking on About. Check the Amazon website for the most recent version of software that should be installed on the Echo system. Resetting the Echo device, like in many other cases, has no impact.

If you’re experiencing other issues we didn’t find, let us know in the comments and we’ll figure a solution.

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